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NAB 2017: SAM announces Orbit - the next generation of control and monitoring

Newbury, April 23, 2017 - At NAB 2017 (Booth#: SL1805), Snell Advanced Media (SAM) will be demonstrating the first applications of its brand new next generation control, configuration and monitoring solution, Orbit. A single interface that will eventually house all of SAM’s control and monitoring applications, Orbit has been designed to enable users to manage and view all of their control, configuration and monitoring functions via one autonomous system.

SAM will demonstrate a series of Orbit applications at the show, including IP routing configuration and control, the Multiviewer MV-800-DT application and configuration tools and the Orbit Map View status reporting application. Orbit Map View – which will replace SAM’s RollMap control, monitoring and management environment – provides status reporting on the entire broadcast chain, or on individual components with in, allowing users to combine status reporting with customized control.

Offering a mix of licensed and free client applications, Orbit delivers all the same functionality as the individual applications that have been incorporated into the system, enabling seamlessly transition to next generation control and monitoring. SAM will be migrating all of its remaining control and monitoring solutions – such as Workbench and Live Runner – into Orbit in the months ahead.

Robert Szabó-Rowe, EVP and General Manager, Live Production & Infrastructure at SAM, commented, “Orbit is a new approach to control and monitoring that is designed to bring together the functionality of all of our existing control and monitoring solutions that currently work together – but are not necessarily integrated – into one system. What we are working towards is replacing all of the different elements that we currently have for control, configuration and monitoring and bring them under this single umbrella of SAM Orbit. On show at NAB is the first step in this process.”the next generation of control and monitoring.



Bénédicte Fauveau

Media Relations Specialist