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SAM launches high-quality budget solutions production package for all sizes of operations

Newbury, April 23, 2017 - SAM’s new range is perfect for media productions on a tight budget who don’t want to compromise on quality.

For any customers that need to produce high quality content but are constrained by budgets, SAM has created a highly cost-effective production package. The system includes the Kula switcher, Vega 30 router, Vega 16MV and Vega 32MV routers with multiviewer output, KudosPro AV processing platform, MV-Flex Multiviewer, IQ Modular portfolio, and the brand new SL Server series.

SAM’s budget suite is ideal for a variety of production environments including live sports, small studios, stadiums, houses of worship, outside broadcasting and education. It represents SAM’s versatility in product development and clear vision of the workflows required for live production at a price that provides great value for the money.

Robert Szabó-Rowe, EVP and General Manager, Live Production and Infrastructure at SAM said, “SAM works across the complete technology supply spectrum, recognizing the huge variation in production requirements from both a technological and budgetary standpoint. The desire to produce premium quality video is there at all points in the market and this high-quality production platform satisfies the needs of the cost-conscious. It gives our customers the confidence they require to get to air faster and on multiple platforms while staying within budget.”

SAM’s new production platform enables broadcasters and content owners to package and deliver content to multiple platforms, tell stories at higher frame rates and drive UHD output. The complete line will be showcased at SAM’s NAB booth, SL1805. It includes:

Kula: SAM’s innovative Kula range of multi-format production switchers, available as 1, 2 & 3 M/E’s and 1 M/E UHD versions, breaks new ground with its price point and performance combination. It represents a core piece of SAM’s business-transforming solutions across live playout and production, which are empowering the move to UHD for broadcasters and media organizations. Kula leverages the company’s innovative FormatFusion3 technology to seamlessly mix any format, up to and including UHD.

Vega 30: The Vega 30 router, part of SAM’s updated range of Vega small to mid-size routers, is a new entry-point fixed size router with clean and quiet video and audio switching, line synchronization, de-embedding, audio routing and embedding MADI inputs and outputs. It’s perfect for simple video routing, audio embedding and hybrid audio and video routing.

Vega 16MV & Vega 32MV with multiviewer output: Part of SAM’s MV-Flex range, these routers are designed for smaller sized production environments such as OB vans, fly-away packs and smaller production studios. The Vega 16MV offers 16x16 SDI routing and comes with two multiviewer heads. The Vega 32MV also offers two multiviewer output heads but has an increased routing capacity of 32x32 in SDI. Because it supports UHD inputs and outputs, it also offers 8x8 quad UHD SDI routing plus 8x2 UHD output multiviewer heads.

KudosPro: The KudosPro AV processing platform delivers conversion quality and processing features that are typically only found with more expensive technology. KudosPro features include conversion, ARC and metadata handling all within a 1RU frame.

MV-Flex: The MV-Flex Multiviewer is a flexible, cost effective solution for multi-image displays. It is available as a 1RU or 3RU frame with up to 12 display outputs and offers an extensive alarm capability for video, audio and data.

IQ Modular: SAM’s IQ Modular range offers comprehensive and reliable interfacing and processing to handle all types of video and audio signals. Its scalable design means it offers room to grow for future needs.

SL Series: This 1RU, HD/UHD video server is ideal for simple yet robust media management including manual or automated ingest and playout. Using a combination of optimized hardware and SAM’s proven software, the SL Series server works directly with switchers and within small news production, studio, and transmission systems.



Bénédicte Fauveau

Media Relations Specialist