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Grass Valley Expands Advanced Signal Processing and Monitoring for 4K UHD and HDR Workflows at IBC 2017

MONTREAL, September 14, 2017 — As the industry shifts to 4K UHD, broadcasters are dealing with a hybrid of SDR/HDR formats and a mixture of HD and 4K UHD content, with a solution needed to manage them effectively in a seamless workflow. At IBC 2017, Grass Valley, a Belden Brand is demonstrating the Densité UHD-3901-UC, Kaleido-IP multiviewer and Densité HCO-3901-4K quad-link change over, signal conversion and monitoring products that enable broadcasters to easily and affordably navigate this transition.

The Densité UHD-3901-UC card provides cross mapping between SDR and HDR, plus cross-conversion between HD and 4K. New for IBC is the added convenience of upconversion to 1080p. Similarly, the Kaleido-IP multiviewer provides a solution to easily monitor a mix of SDR, HDR and 4K UHD signals for playout. Finally, to ensure high availability during 4K playout, the HCO-3901-4K quad-link change over manages multiple streams to distribute a 4K signal within a single point of control.

"The typical broadcast facility today is very much a mixed environment, with signals coming from a variety of different sources," noted Amit Eshet, vice president of networking, Grass Valley. "To effectively utilize these signals for production or monitoring, there is an ongoing need to be normalized. Our newest solutions tackle this challenge by enabling key functionality like up-conversion, cross-mapping, hybrid monitoring, and high-availability."

Densité UHD-3901-UC enables customers to dazzle viewers with the enhanced picture quality of HDR, while they determine how, or if, they'll transition to 4K. For example, when a broadcaster needs to produce content in 4K UHD but has a mix of 4K, 3G and HD cameras, the Densité UHD-3901-UC provides the ability to create a common format for the final production. It delivers a market leading density of 24 UHD upconverters in a 4RU frame, and provides signal normalization, ensuring that external sources will work within the workflow.

Densité HCO-3901-4K is designed to manage four 3G SDI streams (quad-link) at once to distribute a 4K signal with a single point of control. It supports 4K UHD quad-link change over with embedded audio and metadata, with optional clean switch operation. In addition, optional ALC (automatic loudness control) eliminates objectionable loudness variations between programs and commercials, and gives customers a solution to protect their signal during power failures.

Kaleido-IP gives broadcast facilities enhanced monitoring capabilities with the addition of SMPTE ST 2022-6 support over 10G, 25G and 40G. With the addition of SMPTE ST 2022-6 and proposed ST 2110, Kaleido-IP now supports all IP formats so uncompressed, compressed and OTT can all easily be monitored using just one platform. Kaleido-IP also boasts the power to monitor up to 32 HD HEVC for transmission and playout installations choosing HEVC/H.265 due to its higher bandwidth efficiency. This monitoring power and versatility sets the tone for IP monitoring in the marketplace and gives users the ultimate flexibility no matter the size and scope of the production.

"Our industry remains in the middle of an epic transition and not every broadcaster is in a position to make a swift upgrade," Eshet continued. "Our customers can now take advantage of new technologies to tell more compelling stories even before they make a full-scale commitment."

Grass Valley is demonstrating its advanced signal processing and monitoring solutions at IBC in stand 1.D11.


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We provide the innovative tools and expertise to help customers improve the efficiency of their operations while telling better stories to attract and keep viewers. With Grass Valley's integrated solutions that enable flexibility, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, quality and scalability, broadcasters and content creators have what they need to sustain their businesses. Headquartered in Montreal, Grass Valley has been in the broadcast business for nearly 60 years and is part of St. Louis-based Belden Inc. For more information, visit

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