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Global Production Deploys Grass Valley Live Production Solution

LDX 86N XtremeSpeed camera and K2 Dyno Replay System for Dorna Sport

MONTREAL, September 15, 2017 — Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, worked together with the Service Integrator Professional Show to provide a live production solution for the Italian production company Global Production. The two companies deployed an LDX 86N XtremeSpeed (XS) camera, along with five K2 Dyno Replay Systems, including K2 Dyno Universe for 6X and 4K UHD operation, to meet the growing demand for spectacular live sports video footage.

Global Production derives its strength from a merger with One TV and is now incorporated with The Alliance. The companies will remain active in parallel for a couple of years, before being completely incorporated.

Andrea Gianolli, CEO of the Alliance commented, "Due to our longstanding relationship with Grass Valley, we know we can rely on their knowledge of quality cameras, which we need for live sports productions. Recently at the Winter Universiade in Kazakhstan, where everything was taking place outside of stadiums in extreme and difficult conditions, we used Grass Valley's cameras, including the LDX 86N high-speed camera combined with 36 channels of replay with K2 Dyno. The equipment worked perfectly, providing increased production capacity with the latest camera and replay technologies."

Global Production video footage will be taken to the next level with the LDX 86N XS (1X/3X/6X) camera as it delivers AnyLightXtreme flicker-free images in speeds up to 6X operation in native 1080i and 720p, plus 3X speed operation in native 1080p. It's the perfect addition for super slow-motion applications, with an additional 1X standard-speed "live" output and extended color gamut supporting ITU-R BT.2020. In addition, the unique GV-eLicense system allows upgrading LDX 86N Series cameras for a daily, weekly or perpetual time frame to native 4K UHD operation.

The workflow for the live productions for Global Production will be improved with K2 Dyno as it is extremely user-friendly with a unique AnySpeed technology which dynamically provides the smoothest playback at any speed from zero to 200 percent. The DynoZoom tool allows for pan/zoom functions to be applied to high frame-rate camera systems including 3X 1080p, 6X and 4K UHD. This particular K2 Dyno package includes K2 Summit 3G 4-channel HD/SD server with DV, MPEG 2, AVC-Intra, and DNxHD codecs, 12 x 900 GB drives in a RAID-10 configuration for storage, and K2 Dyno S Replay Controller with application software. It also supports replay configurations for up to six camera iso-records and one replay out or four camera iso-records and two replay outputs (program and preview or two independent programs), along with up to two 3X speed camera iso-records or three 2X speed camera iso-records (DV, AVC-Intra, and DNxHD codecs only).

The production company also selected K2 Dyno Universe, which is a K2 Dyno S 6X Replay Elite package 4 RU, optimized for 6X or 4K UHD operation, and they're both fully 6X/4K UHD switchable. The new 4 RU K2 Dyno S Universe replay system is still smaller than a (6 RU) common single server, but it delivers more than double the channel capacity. Now all 6X and 4K UHD workflows are possible using the same number of operators minimizing OPEX.

The equipment will be used for large live productions, music and sport events, such as the Alpine world competition, Nordic ski tournaments, series A football and road racing world championships for the international sports and media company Dorna Sports.

Jan-Pieter van Welsem, vice president of sales and marketing, EMEA, Grass Valley states, "With deployment of the new equipment, Global Production within The Alliance is able to deliver riskless and future-ready technology with an agility that can cope with customers' needs today, whilst being prepared for the challenges faced tomorrow."


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