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Grass Valley Debuts GV Pace to Deliver Tablet-Based Automation-Assisted Control for Unscripted Live Production

MONTREAL, September 9, 2019 — Grass Valley will introduce its new automation-assisted manual control system for fast-paced, dynamic, live unscripted production, GV Pace, at IBC 2019 (booth #9.A01). GV Pace allows a single operator to manage a production with increased efficiency, less disruption, better viewer engagement and, most importantly, without any sacrifice to production quality. It offers the freedom and flexibility of an easy-to-use touchscreen interface and combines all the proven production automation tools from Grass Valley's award-winning Ignite solution, empowering production teams to direct the most demanding, dynamic live programming. The system is offered without the requirement of a Newsroom Computer System and is ideal for a range of applications, from news and sports/esports to enterprise and studio platforms.

Packaged as a subscription solution, GV Pace integrates both Grass Valley and third-party devices natively — for minimal disruption to existing workflows — allowing a single operator to orchestrate the solution to deliver a professional look and feel. Highly intuitive and requiring minimal training, GV Pace streamlines unscripted workflows and puts power and control in the hands of the operator, while reducing the risk of operational mistakes. GV Pace's smooth UI can be tailored to a specific live event or show, and in-app configuration for events and modules ensures efficiency and consistency across all productions.

This innovative solution delivers best-in-class audio support and can control a wide range of consoles, including Wheatstone, Yamaha, Lawo, Calrec, Studer and SSL, without a dedicated audio operator.

Peter Semerak, vice president, production, Grass Valley commented: "GV Pace has been designed for resource-constrained, manual live production applications where every second counts — such as breaking news, OTT-only live productions and college sports. In applications that don't require integration with a Newsroom Computer System, GV Pace makes complex operations simple. A single operator can use this solution to execute a high quality, multi-layered, professional show."

Fast and easy to deploy, GV Pace is also provides flexible event templates that deliver a 50 percent time savings and can be changed dynamically within seconds before a show goes live or on-the-fly during the show for added flexibility. The system can also be used in a secondary control room to support automation-assisted manual control of broadcasts via a common, familiar interface.

For a live demonstration, drop by the Grass Valley booth (9.A01) at IBC 2019.


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