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ASG, ES Broadcast and LOGIC Media Solutions Join the GV Media Universe Advanced Channel Partner Program

GVMU Advanced Channel Partners provide customers an on-ramp to the cloud for the deployment of high-yielding commercial models

MONTREAL, November 10, 2021 — Providing greater access and support for transitioning to highly-productive operational and business models, Grass Valley announces its first three new members of the GV Media Universe (GVMU) Advanced Channel Partner Program. Advanced Systems Group (ASG), ES Broadcast and LOGIC Media Solutions will extend the reach and knowledge of Grass Valley's AMPP (Agile Media Processing Platform) commercial, integration and technical teams to provide a wide array of media companies with an on-ramp to cloud-based workflows.

Jan Lange, Chief Revenue Officer Grass Valley, commented, "GV Media Universe has been developed to become the leading cloud-based ecosystem for live media production companies around the world and partnerships with key industry players is fundamental to our cloud strategy. One of the early ideas around the GV Media Universe and AMPP was to make a frictionless user experience for customers, whether that be provisioning cloud instances or adding new capabilities to workflows. With the launch of the GVMU Advanced Channel Partner Program, we were looking for companies that are already transitioning into cloud-based tools, ASG, ES Broadcast and LOGIC Media Solutions are leading the way in making a cloud-first future, a reality."

A leading solutions provider for media creatives and content owners, ASG was selected as the first North America GVMU Advanced Channel Partner. ASG will leverage all AMPP applications for its customer base, including Playout, Master Control, Audio Mixing and cloud-based Switching.

Dave Van Hoy, president at ASG, said, "The media and entertainment industry is increasingly asking 'how do we make cloud production real?' Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a lot of discussion on this topic, but now Grass Valley and its GVMU Advanced Channel Partner Program has come up with an answer. By pooling the expertise and experience from a range of specially selected organizations, ASG and Grass Valley will offer an even broader range of solutions for virtualized remote environments. The close partnership with Grass Valley allows us to input on development, provide critical feedback and be privy to early innovation discussions, and we are honored to have been selected by the Grass Valley team."

ES Broadcast, a major reseller and global broadcast solutions specialist, joins the GVMU Advanced Channel Partner Program as an extension of its mission to integrate cloud solutions — and wider remote production technologies — into the company's product and services portfolio.

"We are very happy that Grass Valley is the first cloud partnership ES Broadcast enters into, particularly on the back of the lessons we have learned over the past 18 months," said Jonathan Lyth, Group CTO for ES Broadcast. "As with all the technology solutions we recommend to our clients, our focus is very much on the application of the right tool for the job. We can propose AMPP to our clients with conviction — both from a technical and commercial perspective — based on the granularity of AMPP's workload-based model, the diversity of workloads it can offer, and the support we have seen. We expect AMPP to sit at the heart of our offering as cloud adoption gathers pace."

Another partnership with LOGIC Media Solutions, a leading distributor, consultant and system designer for media, enables it to provide its customers with a managed services offering for content production in the cloud.

"A key focus for us is to help our customers solve problems and continue to produce the immersive content they are famous for," noted Christophe Bingemer, CEO, LOGIC Media Solutions. "We are thrilled to be part of the GVMU Advanced Channel Partner Program and look forward to realizing all the commercial and creative benefits, such as greater flexibility, boosting asset utilization and ensuring production teams can remain local to the markets they serve. Thanks to the power of Grass Valley's cloud ecosystem, we can extend our portfolio and offer services to our customers we haven't been able to offer before."


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