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Net Insight and Grass Valley have worked closely as technology alliance partners across a range of customers such as Globo TV, LinkedIn, and Red Bee Media, delivering cutting-edge cloud-based live video and remote production workflows, as well as, an industry-leading uncompressed and secure restricted delivery of approved IP media between operation centers on the 100GE wide area network, leveraging the IP Media Trust Boundary feature which strictly controls which IP media traffic is allowed to pass.

Net Insight offers a scalable, open, and standards-based video infrastructure enabling media organizations to spin new channels and workflows up or down in minutes and deliver content in any format. Net Insight’s platforms bring a complete range of agile and secure media delivery solutions for cloud, IP, and virtualized networks, allowing broadcast industry players to create frictionless, high-quality, low-latency live video workflows.Net Insight’s hyper-scale cloud media delivery platform Nimbra Edge, ensures synchronization and is the industry-first to support all major industry re-transmission (ARQ) standards (RIST, SRT, Zixi), enabling service providers to deploy any mix of private, hybrid, or public cloud networks without being locked into any particular vendor or technology.


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