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Variant Systems Group (VSG)

VSG logoVariant Systems Group (VSG), celebrating its 7th year of creating products for the broadcast industry, boasts a team with over 60 years of combined industry expertise in the Live Production market. Our Envivo products cater to both the college sports and high-end production markets, offering intuitive designs and flexible features to support revenue generation. Envivo Replay features cutting-edge technology like HEVC, HDR, and 12G/UHD readiness, along with Remote Production capabilities. VSG has secured installations with professional sports teams, universities, and eSports centers nationwide and abroad.

VSG's Envivo products are known for their user-friendliness, affordability, and versatility. Envivo Replay quickly transitions from standard to super slow-motion systems, accommodating various video types, file formats, and supports Grass Valley’s AMPP as a partner. Recognizing shortcomings in legacy broadcast products, Variant Systems developed Envivo Studio and Envivo Review (VAR), offering instinctive interfaces, simple integration, and powerful workflows. Studio provides operators with unprecedented control over content, live inputs, and output channels, enhancing on-air decision-making. Designed with a touchscreen in mind, and supporting common protocols such as AMP, VDCP, and OpenGear, Envivo Studio empowers operators to deliver engaging content seamlessly, whether for in-venue or remote live broadcasts. All of Variant Systems' products epitomize freedom and creativity for operators.

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