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AES DA (110Ω)

The DDA-1133 is a digital audio DA that supports AES3 110Ω digital audio standard, providing nine outputs and a relay input bypass rear panel option. The input features clock regeneration for reduced jitter and signal restoration. An audio input signal status is also available indicating the input signal presence and validity with remote reporting.


  • AES3 balanced audio input
  • 9 AES3 balanced audio outputs
  • Remote control of carrier quality
  • Signal regeneration
  • Silence detect with user adjustable delay and remote reporting
  • Status LED and remote reporting
  • Input bypass relay rear option


  • Signal: AES3 (ANSI S4.40)
  • Level: 0.1 to 7.0 Vp-p
  • Impedance: 110Ω balanced
  • Equalization: 0 to 300m (0 to 985 ft.) (DRAKA ref. KFB audio PBG110)
  • Signal: AES3 (ANSI S4.40)
  • Level: 4 Vp-p nominal
  • Impedance: 110Ωbalanced
  • Specific jitter: <0.005 UI pp (700 Hz to 100 kHz)
Processing Performance
  • Sampling: 28 to 100 kHz
  • Processing delay: 
    • Reclocker ON: <60.7 µs @ 48 kHz (< 3 samples)
    • Reclocker OFF: 75 ns typ.
  • Power:
    • Using 4 outputs: <1.5W
    • Using 7 outputs: <2.0W
    • Using 9 outputs: <2.0W


Densité 2 frame Densité 3 frame Description
DDA-1133 DDA-1133-3RU Digital audio DA, 110Ω
DDA-1133-SRP   Single rear connector panel with 4 outs
DDA-1133-DRP   Double rear connector panel
  DDA-1133-3SRP Single rear connector panel with 9 outs
  DDA-1133-3SRP-R Single rear connector panel with 7 outs and bypass relays between IN and OUT1
Remote control GV Orbit, iControl, iControl Solo



DDA-1133: AES DA (110 Ohm) Datasheet

The DDA-1133 from Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, is a digital audio DA that supports AES3 110 ohm digital audio standard and provides nine outputs.



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