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3G/HD/SD 8 AES Audio & Metadata De-Embedder

The ADX-3981 is an advanced, high-quality audio processor which de-embeds up to eight AES signals at 48 kHz from a 3G/HD/SD video signal. The ADX-3981 can simultaneously process up to 32 channels of audio (16 channels from the embedded audio input plus others generated internally). Functions include downmixing, proc amp, mixing and loudness measurement.


  • 3G/HD/SD input
  • Supports 3 Gb/s level A (mapping 1) and level B
  • Audio/video de-glitcher to handle video hot switch at the input
  • Automatic detection of input video loss and switchover to local gray for continuous audio/video output synchronization
  • Flexible HD/SD reference using the internal URS frame reference
  • Minimum processing delay of 8 µs, but additional delay can be added up to 15 frames
  • Optional optical fiber module
  • AFD (SMPTE ST 2016), VLI (RP-186) and WSS insertion
  • Linear timecode (LTC) embedding into DVITC (SD) or ATC (HD)
  • Audio metadata insertion and extraction (SMPTE ST 2020-A)
  • RS-422 serial data input and output to carry audio metadata
  • 3 GPI I/O that can be inserted or extracted in the TC user bits. They can also be used for automation, user preset recall and loudness reset


  • 8 AES outputs
  • Full audio shuffling and mixing on a channel basis
  • 32 channels internal audio processing
  • Automation capabilities based on audio signal type detection
  • Audio 5.1 surround downmix to Lt/Rt or Lo/Ro
  • Audio dynamic processor option (compressor/limiter/expander)
  • Audio delay adjustments of up to ±2 seconds to compensate for lip sync issues
  • Loudness measurement of up to ±4 audio programs and logging with iControl loudness monitoring option
  • Loudness compliant to EBU R128-2014, ATSC A/85:2013 (FCC CALM compliant) and ARIB TR-B32 (ITU-R BS.1770-3)
  • On-board socket for 1 optional module expansion:
    • Dolby E and Dolby Digital decoder
    • Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus encoder
    • Dolby E encoder
    • Linear Acoustic upMAX
    • Linear Acoustic AEROMAX automatic loudness control



Video Input/Output
  • Signal (1): 
    • SMPTE ST 259-C (270 Mb/s)
    • SMPTE ST 292 (1.485, 1.485/1.001 Gb/s)
    • SMPTE ST 424 (2.970, 2.970/1.001 Gb/s)
  • Supported formats:
    • SD: 480i59.94, 576i50
    • HD: SMPTE ST 274: 1080i59.94, 1080i50
    • HD: SMPTE ST 296: 720p59.94, 720p50
    • 3G: SMPTE ST 425 level A (mapping 1), level B: 1080p59.94, 1080p50
  • Cable length:
    • 300m (984 ft.) Belden 1694A at 270 Mb/s
    • 150m (492 ft.) Belden 1694A at 1.485 Gb/s
    • 120m (393 ft.) Belden 1694A at 2.970 Gb/s
  • Return loss: >15 dB up to 3 GHz
  • Jitter:
    • HD/SD: <0.2 UI
    • 3G: <0.3 UI


Audio Output (8)
  • Sampling freq.:48 kHz
  • Quantization:24 bits
  • AES3
    • Level: 2.75 Vp-p
    • Impedance: 110Ω balanced
  • AES-3id
    • Level:1.0 Vp-p
    • Impedance:75Ωunbalanced
  • Return loss:15 dB at 6 MHz


Reference Input
  • Signal (1):Through the URS internal frame reference signal
  • Signal: Refer to SFP module specifications
  • Signal (1):SMPTE ST 12
  • Connectors: 
    • RJ45 (-3SRP rear)
    • BNC (-3DRP rear)
  • Impedance:<10 kΩ(bridging 600Ω) unbalanced
  • Level: 0.3 to 5 Vp-p


GPIO (-3DRP rear)
  • Signal (3):Contact closure to ground
  • Direction:Bidirectional (application specific)
GPIO (-3SRP rear)
  • Signal (2):Contact closure to ground
  • Direction: Bidirectional (application specific)
  • Signal (2): RS-422
  • Input level:300 mVp-p (min)
  • Output level: 3 Vp-p (min)
  • Rate:115,200 Bd
Video Processing Performance
  • Signal path:10 bits
  • Processing delay (HD): 8 μs (in minimum delay mode)
  • Additional delay:Up to 15 frames upon user selection
Audio Processing Performance
  • Quantization:24 bits
  • Sampling: 48 kHz, synchronous
  • Audio latency:2 to 6 ms max in minimum delay depending on processing options
  • Audio delay:Up to 2s (1 ms steps)


  • Power: 12.5W


Densité 3 frame Description
ADX-3981 3G/HD/SD 8 AES audio and metadata de-embedder
ADX-3981-75D-3SRP Single rear connector panel, 75Ω Din 1.0/2.3
ADX-3981-110-3SRP Single rear connector panel, 110Ω
ADX-3981-75-3DRP-F Double rear connector panel, 75Ω and fiber connector
ADX-3981-110-3DRP-F Double rear connector panel, 110Ω and fiber connector
Options (hardware)
SFP-RR-LC Dual fiber RX (input) cartridge with LC/PC connector
SFP-TT-S13S13-LC Dual fiber TX (output) cartridge at 1310 nm with LC/PC connector 
SFP-R-LC Single fiber RX (input) cartridge with LC/PC connector
SFP-T-S13-LC  Single fiber TX (output) cartridge at 1310 nm with LC/PC connector 
SFP-RT-S13-LC Single fiber RX (input) and TX (output) cartridge at 1310 nm with LC/PC connector
Other types of SFP Optical Plug-In Cartridges may be available for this product.
NSH15M HD-15 to terminal block adapter
NSH26M HD-26 to terminal block adapter
MOD-DOLBY-ENC-E-2 Dolby E encoder
MOD-DOLBY-ENC-D-2 Dolby Digital (AC-3) encoder
MOD-DOLBY-DEC-2 Dolby E and Digital (AC-3) decoder
MOD-LA-DUP-701 Upmixing using Linear Acoustic Technology upMAX
MOD-LA-ALC-2 2-channel ALC licensed by Linear Acoustic
MOD-LA-ALC-6 6-channel ALC licensed by Linear Acoustic
MOD-LA-ALC-8 8-channel ALC licensed by Linear Acoustic
MOD-LA-ALC-2-DUP 2-channel ALC and upmix licensed by Linear Acoustic
MOD-LA-ALC-6-DUP 6-channel ALC and upmix licensed by Linear Acoustic
MOD-LA-ALC-8-DUP 8-channel ALC and upmix licensed by Linear Acoustic
Remote control GV Orbit, iControl, iControl Solo



ADX-3981 3G/HD/SD 8 AES Audio & Metadata De-Embedder Datasheet

The ADX-3981 from Grass Valley is an advanced, high quality audio processor which de-embeds up to eight AES signals at 48 kHz from a 3G/HD/SD video signal.



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