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LDX Image Acquisition Solutions: The Power of Choice

Klaus Weber, Principal Camera Solutions & Technology

LDX 86N: Native 4K pixels when resolution counts Native HD performance with better pixels when you need them

Image acquisition for live broadcast applications faces many challenges in a multiformat landscape. The increase in spatial resolution required by 4K UHD, in combination with the additional requirements of UHD standards, including a potential increase in frame rate and high dynamic range — with good sensitivity and S/N ratio — will require some compromises and design decisions on the part of manufacturers, and camera selection on the part of camera users.

Some of these new requirements, especially increased resolution, have a negative impact on some important image parameters, such as sensitivity, noise performance and dynamic range. Multiple flexible solutions can address these challenges, including native format switching. Grass Valley's industry-leading LDX 86 Series cameras provide solutions for all these challenges and uniquely provide comprehensive upgrade/downgrade paths that present flexibility that's unmatched in the industry. This background document will explain the latest developments in imaging technology and outline Grass Valley's latest solutions to these live broadcasting challenges.

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