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The Impact of New Production Formats and Workflows to Camera Control

Klaus Weber, Principal, Camera Solutions and Technology

Today, camera control solutions in live broadcast productions are mainly used to adapt the camera's capabilities to a given light situation, and to achieve a certain "look" and style of the images. New formats such as high dynamic range (HDR), wide color gamut (WCG), 4K UHD, IP and simultaneous HDR/SDR or HD/4K UHD operations, require more agile controls. Now with more features to be controlled, managing the various settings becomes very difficult. A broadcast camera control solution that leverages the developments from grading applications used in post-production and other widely used image control applications, such as Photoshop, will benefit from new ideas and the new talents grown with these solutions. It's time for a change! This paper will explain the background of today's camera control solutions and show, based on extensive customer feedback, how it should develop in the future.

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