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GV Alyve: Disrupting Traditional Broadcasting Through Digital Transformation and Social/Digital Production Whitepaper

What is a Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is literally the process of using new emerging digital technologies to either modify or create new business processes and systems. Digital transformation can also apply to a business adapting its existing infrastructure and practices to optimize itself and address emerging cultural, market or experience trends. Digital transformation is not specific to one particular industry or vertical. It truly transcends niche, product or department, allowing for companies engaging in their own digital transformation to truly adopt a revitalized, reinvigorated and holistic view at how they choose to do business both internally and with their clients, in the 21st century.

The process of reimagining a business can be seen in the form of a firm upgrading from physical analog infrastructure to cloud-based or hosted solutions, software upgrades, revised marketing and sales channel strategies or new revenue opportunities in emerging markets. The term digital transformation is truly unique to each company, firm or business looking to stay relevant, disrupt existing frameworks and compete against a constantly changing competitive landscape.

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