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    Whether you're looking for a high-performance but low-cost camera for a small studio or live event application or want the very best in 4K HDR image capture technology, Grass Valley has a camera to suit your needs.

    All of Grass Valley's cameras use our legendary CMOS imagers for better sensitivity in all formats with the best possible range and a large depth of field under all conditions. The imagers ensure that Grass Valley cameras do not produce any of the artifacts seen with other cameras, such as sensitivity to fast camera movements with short exposure time or sensitivity to short light flashes. For additional information on Grass Valley CMOS imagers, see the Xensium-FT Imager whitepaper.

    There a two main series of Grass Valley cameras:

    Focus Series: Entry-level cameras with 720p/1080i user-switchable image capture. Ideal for smaller live studios, regional broadcast stations, SNG vans, university sports productions, staging and houses of worship.

    LDX Series: A software upgradable camera platform with native 4K UHD and 3G/HD image capture as well as HDR and extended color gamut support with up to 15 F-stops or >800% of regular cameras for all 50/59.94 Hz formats. Whether it's HD or 3X super slow-motion today, 3G or 6X super slow-motion tomorrow, or 4K UHD down the road, you'll be ready for whatever your productions demand.