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    LiveTouch is the fastest super slo-mo and highlights system available today designed with an intuitive touchscreen panel that's quick to learn and easy to use.

    Uniquely, LiveTouch supports integrated editing with no delays due to media movement and without the cost of duplicating recordings or storage. Highlights packages get to air faster as LiveTouch publishes direct to OTT and social media platforms directly, dramatically simplifying system design.

    LiveTouch supports up to 12G-SDI or IP and can scale to meet any format including HD and 4K UHD productions of any size.

    The K2 Dyno Replay System is an especially powerful and versatile solution for file-based, live production workflows. With streamlined processes, smooth variable speed output and the ability to work in parallel with third-party solutions.

    SD/HD/4K UHD and HDR; SDI 3G, 12G or IP at 10 GbE, 25 Mb or 100 Mb speeds as well as super slo-mo — Grass Valley will help you capture and replay the moment your way.