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    Meet Every Production Need with the Most Extensive Range of Switchers on the Market

    You can find Grass Valley switchers just about anywhere: live sports stadiums and outdoor broadcast vehicles, remote production sites, broadcast studios, corporate studios, churches, and universities. These switchers power some of the most watched media content around the world.

    From switchers that fit in a fly pack to the largest I/O count and number of M/Es available, Grass Valley offers an array of control surfaces Kayenne, Karrera, Korona, Maverik, and Kula to drive versatile video processing engines K-Frame, Kahuna, and Kula that meet users’ preferences.

    Grass Valley switchers reduce the complexity of today’s production workloads with support for multiformat production in any mix of HD or 4K UHD, SDI or IP, SDR or HDR. Internal processing that includes format conversion, 4K UHD gear boxes, HDR mapping, IP I/O, and frame syncs eliminates extra signal conversion gear for multiformat productions. Customer-defined operational workflows take maximum advantage of system resources. A single chassis supports multiple productions with dedicated panels in multi-Suites mode or DoubleTake mirrored productions by a single operator.

    Tight integration with graphics engines, automation, routing, and monitoring using native protocols further simplify the creation of feature-rich content.

    Whatever the environment, you get scalability, powerful creative functionality and an intuitive user interface that greatly simplifies your workflows.