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    Building on our extensive experience in deploying IP solutions technologies we are introducing Masterpiece IP, which is a new market-defining master control switcher for the IP environment. Supporting 50 GbE, Masterpiece IP works across multiple formats, includes flexible audio capabilities, channel branding and multichannel video program distribution, as well as dynamic visual effects. As a fully loaded master control system, Masterpiece IP offers a full solution to HD/1080p and 4K UHD Master Control without needing any optional extras.

    Grass Valley's FormatFusion3 technology is unique in the master control environment, giving you more capacity to feed multiformat material into your channels. Use the same material to feed different channel outputs without the complexity of external conversion equipment.

    With an intuitive and compact control panel, Grass Valley's Masterpiece IP offers unbeatable master control operation. This is essential in today's complex master control environments where decisions have to be made quickly by operators across multiple channels to ensure the quality of output that's required.