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    The Densité Series XVP-1801-UC provides high quality upconversion and frame synchronization. It offers many advanced features, including AFD support and background keying, with optional 16 channel embedded audio processing. The superior conversion quality of the XVP at both 50 and 59.94 Hz stems from multiple technologies, including advanced motion adaptive de-interlacing and anti-ringing. To ensure that upconverted television is presented in the correct aspect ratio when aired, the XVP module supports AFD (Active Format Description) SMPTE-2016. This provides automatic aspect ratio control using embedded control commands, and this prevents on-air aspect ratio errors such as the postage stamp effect. The ARC function offers fixed presets as well as variable user configurable aspect ratios. In addition to AFD, the XVP also supports VLI (Video Line Index) RP-186 and WSS, which allows the card to adjust its ARC automatically without any external intervention. The module re-inserts the correct AFD, VLI or WSS on the output, along with other HANC and VANC information. With the integration of a frame sync, incoming feed signals can be synched to house, and video/audio levels adjusted using a proc and color correction, when entering the facility.