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    Morpheus Playout: Remote Operation Examples Application note

    There are several scenarios where broadcasters need to operate from a central facility and also be able to operate their remote, geographically spread systems. This is required in order to provide regionalized content, whether that includes program material or local commercial material. Being able to provide local commercial material is important so that local businesses are targeted and to maximize revenue from local advertisements. In the case of Managed Service Providers, it is sometimes desirable to provide customers the added value service to securely and remotely access playout operations to review the running playlist.

    Posted Jun 23 2020 (AN-PUB-2-0924A-EN) File Size: 202.2 KB

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    Business as Usual when Business isn’t Usual: Remote Working Solutions for Production Customers Application Note

    The flexibility and efficiency of Grass Valley's suite of Production tools is an enabler to a variety of remote working workflows. This document serves to outline a few possible remote working options which will support such workflows.

    Posted May 11 2020 (AN-PUB-2-0898A-EN) File Size: 1.4 MB

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    Keeping Your Grass Valley Equipment Clean and Safe

    In recent days, we've received many questions from customers regarding how they can safely clean and disinfect their Grass Valley equipment. Please follow the guidelines below for best results and to avoid any costly damage to your equipment.

    Posted Apr 06 2020 (GV-PUB-2-0907A-EN) File Size: 94.2 KB

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    Grass Valley Production Systems Specifications for Workstation & System PCs Application Note

    This is information for Grass Valley system designers and customers to specify recommended platforms for GV STRATUS and sQ Server-based systems and associated editing workstations,

    Posted Apr 06 2020 (AN-PUB-2-0898A-EN) File Size: 380.4 KB

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    GV STRATUS System Upgrades and Migrations Application Note

    GV STRATUS has been available to customers since 2011 and has been deployed in over 300 customer sites worldwide.

    Grass Valley provides Service Agreements (SA) to cover the hardware and software within these systems, which most customers purchase as part of the system sale. However, the hardware parts in the systems cannot be warrantied beyond five years in a standard SA agreement, meaning many customer systems will now require their hardware components to be replaced to extend the life of their systems (and to stay under a Support Agreement).

    This document explains the Server Upgrade Package options which Grass Valley can offer to customers from GV STRATUS v6.0 onwards.

    Posted Feb 07 2020 (AN-PUB-2-0670B-EN) File Size: 1.5 MB

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    K2 Capture Service with Pathfire and DG FastChannel Application Note Posted Mar 07 2019 (GVB-1-0129B-EN-AN) File Size: 597.9 KB

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    Choosing A Media Server Whitepaper

    A media server is a much more complex system than one might first think. When choosing such a system for a facility, there are a wide number of issues that should be carefully considered.

    Posted Mar 07 2019 (GVB-1-0122B-EN-AN) File Size: 1.8 MB

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    Using K2 with Apple Final Cut Pro 7 Application Note Posted Mar 07 2019 (GVB-1-0121B-EN-AN) File Size: 2.4 MB

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    K2 System - Ready for Nonlinear Media Production: QOS, Bandwidth, and File Compatibility in File-Based Workflows Application Note

    What makes an efficient file-based media workflow? This application note looks at the challenges encountered in file-based media processing, and the approaches to make file-based workflows more efficient. The K2 system was designed from the ground up for file-based operations and offers capabilities unmatched by other media system vendors.

    Posted Mar 07 2019 (GVB-1-0120B-EN-AN) File Size: 1.4 MB

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    GV STRATUS: Integration of Facebook's GraphAPI Application Note

    Broadcasters using GV STRATUS have the capability to find available content quickly and repurpose that content into different formats and send it to various delivery chains simultaneously. From v6.0 of GV STRATUS, that now also includes social media destinations. Broadcasters have the option to register their own social media accounts in GV STRATUS so that their operators using the Windows or web client can quickly find content and publish it to one or multiple accounts.

    Posted Mar 05 2019 (GVB-1-0658B-EN-AN) File Size: 1.0 MB

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    Using GV STRATUS with Contour ShuttlePRO v2 Application Note

    With the introduction of version 5.0 of GV STRATUS, Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, gives users the option of using the popular Contour ShuttlePRO v2 controller with the GV STRATUS Video Production & Content Management System. ShuttlePRO can be used to control the GV STRATUS Inspector player, and with the Source Viewer within the Advanced Logging, Segmentation and Channel Panel tools.

    Posted Mar 05 2019 (GVB-1-0636B-EN-AN) File Size: 1.5 MB

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    GV STRATUS Virtualized Systems Application Note

    With the introduction of version 4.5 of GV STRATUS, Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, gives users the option of running the GV STRATUS video production & content management system in a virtualized environment on their own COTS hardware.

    GV STRATUS virtualized systems are ONLY supported in a VMware vSphere (ESXi) environment, delivered in the convenient Open Virtualization Format (OVF), which can easily be deployed onto a vSphere host or cluster.

    This document provides a comprehensive overview of everything that is required for a successful virtualized deployment of GV STRATUS.

    Posted Mar 05 2019 (GVB-1-0618B-EN-AN) File Size: 1.3 MB

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    Wide Area News Editing Workflow with GV STRATUS Application Note

    Create a Sequence, Using Both Local High-Resolution and Remote Proxy Material

    High-resolution material is added from the project bin as with any regular EDIUS Sequence.

    Posted Mar 05 2019 (GVB-1-0607B-EN-AN) File Size: 1.5 MB

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    K2 Shared Storage Systems: Building Systems with Flexible Storage Technology Posted Mar 05 2019 (GVB-1-0544B-EN-AN) File Size: 2.2 MB

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    SiteConfig Network Configuration & Software Deployment Application Note Posted Mar 05 2019 (GVB-1-0313B-EN-AN) File Size: 624.6 KB

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    K2 Media Platform: Media Formats and Interchange Application Note

    The range of media file formats available can be confusing. What are the differences between them? What is the application space intended for each format? What are the strengths of each format?

    This application note takes a closer look at file formats in context of media handling in K2 systems, including a practical review of K2 media interchange capabilities.

    Posted Mar 05 2019 (GVB-1-0127B-EN-AN) File Size: 992.8 KB

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    Transforming Live Production Workflows with GV STRATUS Nonlinear Production Tools & K2 Media Servers and Storage at Sky Racing Application Note

    GV STRATUS application framework is the ideal foundation for this type of production. Combining a Grass Valley K2 media server and storage infrastructure with GV STRATUS nonlinear production tools, and an open ecosystem for integration with third-party systems provides a proven and efficient framework for a new generation of digital workflows. This application note describes how the GV STRATUS concept was applied in news/live production workflows, including content-specific news production.

    Posted Mar 05 2019 (GVB-1-0125B-EN-AN) File Size: 2.6 MB

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    Live Event Playback Application Note

    The Advantages of Professional Solutions Versus General-Purpose Computers and Software for Live Event Playback in Various Professional Environments
    Posted Mar 05 2019 (GVB-1-0118B-EN-AN) File Size: 1.1 MB

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    K2 Media Server: Design Guidelines for Building Cost-Effective, Redundant Media Server Systems Posted Mar 05 2019 (GVB-1-0117B-EN-AN) File Size: 2.0 MB

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    K2 Media Server and Medway Third-Party Transcoding and Transfer Application Note Posted Mar 05 2019 (GVB-1-0116B-EN-AN) File Size: 543.7 KB

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    How To Maximize The Power of Your K2 System with Closed Captioning & Teletext Support Application Note Posted Mar 05 2019 (GVB-1-0115B-EN-AN_K2) File Size: 918.6 KB

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    How To Maximize The Power Of a K2 System Import and Export: Integration Extensibility Application Note Posted Mar 05 2019 (GVB-1-0114B-EN-AN) File Size: 2.0 MB

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    Fastrack+K2: Editware Fastrack and Grass Valley K2 Media Server Integration for Hybrid Linear/Nonlinear Post Application Note Posted Mar 05 2019 (GVB-1-0113B-EN-AN) File Size: 1.8 MB

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    ChannelFlex for the K2 Summit 3G/K2 Solo 3G Media Servers Application Note

    The K2 Summit 3G is described as a four-channel media server, the K2 Solo 3G as a two-channel media server. But users were looking at the back panel and wondering why there were a lot more connectors than there were channels. The answer is ChannelFlex, which introduces the concept of streams, where a single channel might involve multiple streams of video, for video plus key, 3D, Super Slo-Mo, or ISO camera recording.

    Posted Mar 05 2019 (GVB-1-0112B-EN-AN) File Size: 10.1 MB

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    K2 Dyno S Replay System: RT Software tOG GV Sports and K2 Dyno S Application Note

    The integration of tOG and K2 Dyno brings an affordable A-level analysis tool to every level of live event production.

    Posted Mar 05 2019 (GVB-1-0105C-EN-AN) File Size: 3.2 MB

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