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How To Maximize The Power of Your K2 System with Closed Captioning & Teletext Support Application Note

Posted Sep 19 2014 (GVB-1-0115A-EN-AN_K2) File Size: 833.6 KB

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Fastrack+K2: Editware Fastrack and Grass Valley K2 Media Server Integration for Hybrid Linear/Nonlinear Post Application Note

Posted Sep 19 2014 (GVB-1-0113A-EN-AN) File Size: 1.6 MB

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ChannelFlex for the K2 Summit 3G/K2 Solo 3G Media Servers Application Note

The K2 Summit 3G is described as a four-channel media server, the K2 Solo 3G as a two-channel media server. But users were looking at the back panel and wondering why there were a lot more connectors than there were channels. The answer is ChannelFlex, which introduces the concept of streams, where a single channel might involve multiple streams of video, for video plus key, 3D, Super Slo-Mo, or ISO camera recording.

Posted Sep 19 2014 (GVB-1-0112A-EN-AN) File Size: 3.8 MB

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ADVC G-Series – Integrating Consumer and Prosumer Devices into a Production Workflow Application Notes

Grass Valley ADVC G-Series converters are designed to properly convert, aspect-correct, signal format, buffer, and synchronize (when genlocked).

The G-Series offers much more functionality than converters that simply perform as media extenders. This Application Note gives practical examples of the benefits of using them in a production environment.

Posted Sep 17 2014 (GVB-1-0248A-EN-AN) File Size: 1.3 MB

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GV STRATUS for Reduced Scale Media Production Requirements Application Note

GV STRATUS, the nonlinear media production tools application from Grass Valley, A Belden Brand, offers exceptional flexibility when scaling to the size and complexity of a broad range of media production systems. Teamed with K2 series of media servers and SAN storage systems, GV STRATUS can be configured to meet the demands of even the largest broadcast and production facilities. Equally, GV STRATUS lends itself extremely well to deployments in smaller scale environments where large amounts of storage are not required, but speed-to-air and flexibility of distribution are of the essence.

In settings that do not require K2 SAN storage, GV STRATUS can be deployed in a variety of configurations with standalone K2 Summit and K2 Solo media servers, offering economical, yet powerful and highly adaptable systems.

Posted Sep 17 2014 (GVB-1-0189A-EN-AN) File Size: 1.4 MB

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K2 Summit PVS Migration Application Note

Posted Sep 17 2014 (GVB-1-0082A-EN-AN) File Size: 796.6 KB

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GV STRATUS and DIVArchive Archiving Workflows Application Note

An important part of the digital media production lifecycle is the ability to archive high-resolution assets in a permanent archive system. This mandates that workflow orchestration platforms are seamlessly extended with content archiving capabilities. The openness of the GV STRATUS application facilitates a choice of integration with mainstream archiving solutions, including the DIVArchive (Front Porch Digital) platform, offering a robust toolset and efficient archiving workflows.

A result of long-standing collaboration between Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, and Front Porch Digital, the unified GV STRATUS/K2 and DIVArchive platforms offer a complete toolset to efficiently archive and restore content between Grass Valley K2 storage and archive systems managed via Front Porch Digital DIVArchive. This application note provides a user perspective on how to employ the combined GV STRATUS/K2 and DIVArchive archiving workflows.

Posted Sep 17 2014 (GVB-1-0041A-EN-AN) File Size: 1.2 MB

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EDIUS & T2 Elite/Pro/Express: Transferring Media Between an EDIUS NLE and the T2 iDDR Running Service Pack 1.3A Application Note

Posted Sep 13 2014 (GVB-1-0454A-EN-AN) File Size: 1.8 MB

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Fiber Optics In Sports Production Application Note

Grass Valley, a Belden Brand developed this guide to assist non-engineering broadcast professionals in making critical decisions about using fiber optic technology for sports production. Because of the vastly increased bandwidth requirements of high-definition television signals and the expansion of internal video operations in sports venues, fiber optics can play a huge role in cutting costs and enhancing the workflow of sports production.

Posted Sep 13 2014 (GVB-1-0255A-EN-AN) File Size: 1.5 MB

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Transferring Media Between K2 Summit 3G Media Server Systems with the K2 Dyno S Replay Controller in Live Replay Environments Application Note

During live productions, there is often the need to quickly and easily share media. To facilitate this, there are setup procedures that need to be followed with K2 Summit 3G media servers in combination with K2 Dyno S Replay Controllers from Grass Valley, a Belden Brand.

Posted Sep 11 2014 (GVB-1-0093A-EN-AN) File Size: 3.2 MB

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